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 : Сегодня в 16:13:35 
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 : Сегодня в 14:53:54 
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Hello, can you please add this VIN?

This VIN is added to the site's database

Hello, it gets the same error like before when trying to acces this vin. What can I do? Thanks.

 : Сегодня в 11:32:49 
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 : Сегодня в 10:45:18 
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 : 27 Мая 2022, 21:20:09 
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Якщо можливо. Дякую.

 : 27 Мая 2022, 21:15:21 
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 : 27 Мая 2022, 18:55:46 
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 : 27 Мая 2022, 15:17:17 
Автор - Последний ответ от elia
Цитата:  link=topic=629.msg46329#msg46329 date=1653496982
Can you please help with SJAAF14V4JC02307
Many thanks!
Incorrect length of the VIN. One symbol is missing.

 : 27 Мая 2022, 15:16:44 
Автор - Последний ответ от elia
Цитата:  link=topic=629.msg44726#msg44726 date=1647333751
Dear Sir,

happy new year!
Could you please help me to get the information for this CONTINENTAL GT LE MANSORY SCBCF63W48C053988.
Thanks a lot.
Brand Bentley
Model   Continental GT Speed
VIN   SCBCF63W48C053988
Check digit   Ok
Sales id   3W346A
Production date   2007-11-21
Model year   2008
Engine code   BWRA (6.0L W12, 448 KW / 610 PS)
Colour of body   A1 (: )
Colour of roof   A1 (: )
Trim   99
Gearbox code   JSX (6 A/T)
Country of sale   X6V (National sales program for Dubai)

0A1   Doors: 2 doors
0F4   Fuel systems: Fuel system for turbo gasoline engine
0FA   Manufacturing sequence differentiation: Standard manufacturing sequence
0G7   Transmission types/gearshift mechanisms: Tiptronic
0GG   Emissions standard: Emission standard EU4
0HR   Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components: Vehicle class differentiation 3W0
0M6   Fuel tank capacity: Fuel tank
0NA   Nameplate set: Without nameplate set (without model designation)
0P6   Exhaust tailpipe: Rear exhaust tailpipe
0SW   Special labels/plates: Labels/plates in Arabic
0TD   Floor mats: Front and rear floor mats
0XV   Owner's manuals: Information kit in English (for LHD)
1AT   Brake systems: Electronic stabilization program (ESP)
1C2   Antifreeze: Antifreeze up to -35 degree celsius tolerance up to -40 degree C
1D0   Trailer hitch: Without trailer hitch
1E4   Activated carbon canister: Activated charcoal canister acc. to ORVR and siphoning device for filling up
1ET   Identification plates: Special identification plate (AGCC countries)
1G5   Spare wheel/breakdown kit: Space-saving spare wheel, same size (same rolling circumference) as original equipment tires
1KK   Brake type in rear: Disc brakes, rear
1LL   Brake type, front: Disc brakes, front
1MD   Steering wheels: Leather steering wheel
1N3   Steering: Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
1NE   Wheel covers: Wheel center cover
1PC   Lockable wheel bolts: Wheel bolts with anti-theft protection (unlockable)
1S1   Tool kit and jack: Tool kit and jack
1T2   First aid kit / warning triangle: Warning triangle
1U8   Folding table: W/o folding table on front seat backrest
1W0   Refrigerator: Without refrigerator/glove compartment cooling system
1X1   Drive layout: Four wheel drive
1Z0   Fuel quantity for initial filling: Initial standard fuel filling
2C4   Steering column systems: Axially and vertically adjustable steering column with memory system
2G1   Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type: Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel
2JL   Bumpers: Comfort bumpers
2K0   Bumper systems: Standard bumpers
2MA   Shock absorption/suspension, chassis: 4-corner air suspension with electronic shock absorption control, sports version
2W3   Fuel filler cap/door, locking option: Fuel filler cap remote unlocking
2X1   Tiptronic operation on steering column/steering wheel: Tiptronic operation on steering column
2Z0   Type sign: Deletion of model designation
3B4   Additional child seat anchors: Child seat anchor for child seat system ISOFIX
3C0   Center rear seat belts: Without center rear seat belts
3D6   Center console: Center console
3FA   Roof insert/convertible top: Without roof insert (standard roof)
3H9   Backrest release: Backrest release for front seats with "Easy Entry"
3L5   Seat adjustment: Electric seat adjustment for both front seats
3ME   Floor coverings: Tufted cut pile floor covering
3N0   Lids/storage compartments in trunk: Without stowage box in luggage boot
3Q3   Rear head restraints: Rear headrests
3QB   Restraint systems, front: 3-point seat belts, front
3X2   Ski bag: Load-through provision
3Y0   Roll-up sun screen for rear and side windows: Without roll-up sun screen
3ZV   Outer rear seat belts: 3-point seat belts, outer rear
4A3   Seat heater: Seat heater for front seats separately controlled
4AM   Door and side trim panels: Door and side trim panel
4B1   Protective side molding: Protective side molding
4D7   Seat ventilation/massage seat: Massage seat(s), front
4E7   Lock operation for tailgate/trunk lid: Trunk lid power closing
4F2   Door and lid locking system: Central locking system "Keyless Entry"
4GE   Windshield glass type: Clear glass windshield with viewing window for vehicle identification number
4KS   Side and rear windows: Side and rear windows
4L6   Breakaway interior rearview mirror: Breakaway interior rear view mirror, automatically dimming
4LK   Controls (steering wheels/steering column): CCS controls
4N8   Dashboard: Dashboard with genuine leather
4R4   Window regulator: Power windows with comfort operation and circuit breaker
4S1   Armrests for front seats: Armrests for both front seats
4SY   Left vanity mirror: Vanity mirror left (type 2)
4TY   Right vanity mirror: Vanity mirror right (type 2)
4UF   Airbag: Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
4V0   Front passenger seat control: Without front passenger seat adjustment from the rear
4W0   Cassette and CD storage unit: Without cassette and CD storage unit
4X7   Side airbag: Side air bag, front with curtain air bag front and rear
4ZB   Decorative trims: Bright moldings
5A4   Luggage compartment lining: Trunk lining (design 1)
5D2   Carrier frequency for radio remote control: Carrier frequency 315 MHz
5KU   Rear seats: 2 separate seats
5MG   Inserts: Decorative inserts, burr-walnut
5RT   Right exterior mirror: Right exterior mirror: convex (AGCC)
5SR   Left exterior mirror: Left exterior mirror: convex (AGCC)
5ZF   Head restraints: Front headrests
6A0   Fire extinguishers: Without fire extinguisher
6D7   Center armrest in rear: With rear armrests
6F0   Decorative films / emblems: Without decorative films / emblems
6FB   Components with special surface appearance: Body-colored exterior mirror housings
6KA   Radiator grille: Radiator grille
6M0   Tie down straps/net/pocket: Without tie down straps/net/pocket
6NR   Molding roof liner: Leather molded headlining
6P8   Rear license plate carrier: Rear license plate bracket
6W1   Front license plate carrier: License plate bracket front (large)
6XL   Exterior mirror setting: Exterior mirrors: with memory function, automatically dimming, electrically foldable/adjustable/heated
7A2   CD changer/CD player: CD changer
7AP   Theft protection system: Electronic vehicle immobilization device w/ alarm syst., passenger comp. control, backup horn and all door opening
7F4   Gearshift knob/handle: Sports gearshift knob
7K3   Direct tire pressure monitoring system: Tire pressure control, frequency 433 MHz high level version
7M7   Scuff plates: Scuff plates in door apertures
7N5   Tray: Without tray
7P1   Lumbar support: Power adjustable lumbar support in front seats
7Q1   Navigation device: Navigation system
7S0   Wind deflector: Without wind blocker
7X2   Park distance control: Park distance control, front and rear
8F2   Side lights: Side turn signal lights
8GH   Alternators: Alternator 190 A
8JW   Headlamps: Twin headlight for driving on the right (gas discharge) w/ integrated high beam
8K7   Headlight control: Automatic headlight activation
8N3   Windshield wiper intermittent control/ light/rain sensor: Windshield wiper intermittent control with rain sensor
8Q3   Headlight range control: Automatic headlight-range adjustment dynamic (self-adjusting while driving)
8QK   Key for locking system: Key for locking system
8R1   Center high-mounted stop lamp: Center high-mounted stop light
8SA   Rear combination lamps: Taillight assemblies, standard design
8T1   Cruise control system: Cruise control system (CCS)
8TF   Rear fog lamp: Rear fog lights, left and right
8V1   Cigarette lighter: Cigarette lighter
8X1   Headlamp washer system: Headlight washer system
8YK   Radios: Radio, version 3
8Z0   Engine cooling system: Standard engine cooling system
8ZP   Antennas: Antenna
9AK   Heating and air conditioning system: Climatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc
9JB   Smoker's/non-smoker's package: Smoking package, ashtray front and rear
9M0   Auxiliary heater: Without auxiliary/parking heater
9P3   Seat belt check: Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
9VM   Speaker installation: Digital sound package
9W4   Telephone / telematics: Car phone preparation
9WA   "Multimedia", video/DVD/notebook connection: Without multimedia
A8C   Equipment levels: Comfort equipment
B0M   Component part sets with country-specific design requirements: Component parts set, complying with vehicle type for AGCC countries, various parts
B89   Type approval countries/countries with special requirements: Type approval Dubai
CY6   Wheels: Alloy wheels 9.5J x 20
DA0   Engine specifications: 12-cyl. gasoline engine 6.0 l/448 kW 48V WR 12, biturbo base engine is T46
E0A   Special editions: No special edition
F0A   Vehicle specifications: No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
FB0   Paint coating: Standard paint coating
FM0   Versions: Basic equipment variant
G02   Suspension system in front: Front shock absorption
G0R   Transmission specifications: 6-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
GZ2   Power-operated door (power latching): Door power latching
HY3   Tires: Tires 275/35 ZR20 (with modified profile)
J2A   Batteries: Battery 330 A (61 Ah) and battery 480 A (85 Ah)
K8C   Body style: Coupe
L0L   Steering system arrangement: Left-hand drive vehicle
N1H   Seat trim covers: Leather seat covering
NQ0   Upper part of door trim panel: Upper part of door trim panel type 1
NU1   Sill top/sill cover: Sill top
QA0   Child seats: Without child seat
QG1   Service interval prolongation: Service interval prolongation
QH7   Audio-response system/voice control: Voice control
QJ0   Chrome package: Without aluminum/chrome work package
QP0   Bar compartment: Without bar compartment
QV1   TV reception/digital radio reception: TV reception
QW1   Central display and control unit: Central control unit, front
T46   Base engine: 12-cylinder gasoline engine 6.0 L unit 07C.3 (aluminum)
U5F   Instrument clusters: Instrument insert, km/h speedometer AGCC
V0D   Tire suppliers: PIRELLI tires
VC1   Garage door opener: Remote-controlled garage door opener
VE0   Vanity mirror in rear: Without vanity mirror, rear
VF9   Pedal cluster: Lightweight pedal cluster
ZAE   Build Country - UAE

 : 27 Мая 2022, 15:11:42 
Автор - Последний ответ от elia
Hello, can you please add this VIN?

This VIN is added to the site's database

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