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Автор elia - Последний ответ от
Расшифруйте пожалуйста по немецким или английским: 1G1YZ2D74H5103263.
Большое спасибо.

 : 22 Апреля 2018, 20:02:14 
Автор - Последний ответ от
Спасибо большое

 : 22 Апреля 2018, 18:38:10 
Автор Rendevor - Последний ответ от
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 : 22 Апреля 2018, 16:41:36 
Автор - Последний ответ от elia

Can you please decode this VIN WP1AF2A25GKA48718

Thank you in advance!!


PORSCHE Cayenne V6 Diesel BIN5
Sales type   92AAY1
Model Year   2016
Date of production   26.11.2015
Engine Code   CNRB (diesel 3.0L V6, 245 KW / 333 PS)
Transmission Code   A5904 (8 A/T)

E0A   Special editions: No special edition
1PC   Lockable wheel bolts: Wheel bolts with anti-theft protection (unlockable)
0P0   Exhaust tailpipe: Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
7GB   Emissions standard: Emission standard ULEV 2
1D6   Trailer hitch: Trailer hitch
4UQ   Airbag: Air bag for driver and front seat passenger
1E9   Activated carbon canister: Without activated charcoal canister with SCR
6GA   Bolt-on kit: Without add-on kit
8L6   Antennas: "diversity" window antenna
6XT   Exterior mirror setting: Exterior mirrors: with memory function, automatically dimming, electrically foldable/adjustable, separately heated
5RQ   Right exterior mirror: Right exterior mirror: convex
5SL   Left exterior mirror: Left exterior mirror: aspherical
0K0   Alternative drive system: Without alternative drive module
9WC   "Multimedia", video/DVD/notebook connection: Without "Multimedia" in vehicle
1KF   Brake type in rear: Disc brakes, rear
J0B   Batteries: 520 A (92 Ah) battery
1ZT   Brake type, front: Disc brakes, front
7V0   Dashboard illumination: Standard dashboard illumination
B0D   Component part sets with country-specific design requirements: Component parts set, complying with vehicle type for USA (without California), various parts
3ME   Floor coverings: Tufted cut pile floor covering
9T1   Heated washer nozzles: Heated washer nozzles, front
7RT   CD ROM/DVD/SD card: DVD (Europe)
7A0   CD changer/CD player: Without CD changer/CD player
QJ4   Chrome package: Aluminum package
2D0   Cd enhancing underbody panel: Without cd enhancing underbody panel
1BW   Shock absorption/suspension, chassis: Comfort suspension 2
3S5   Roof rails/roof load rack: Black roof rails
6F0   Decorative films / emblems: Without decorative films / emblems
1Y0   Differential lock: Without differential lock
3X0   Ski bag: Without load-through provision
2G0   Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type: Without insert for the filling up of fuel
7AH   Theft protection system: Electronic vehicle immobilization device with alarm system, passenger compartment control and backup horn
5TL   Inserts: Decorative inserts in piano lacquer
7M1   Scuff plates: Scuff plates in door apertures with metal inserts
7X8   Park distance control: Park distance control, front and rear with rear view camera
UF1   Electric interface for external use: Electric interface for external use
GZ0   Power-operated door (power latching): Manually operated doors
6A0   Fire extinguishers: Without fire extinguisher
8K8   Headlight control: Automatic headlamp activation with "Coming Home"
9G1   Alternators: Alternator 220 A
0YD   Weight category rear axle: Weight range 4 installation control only, no requirement forecast
0JD   Weight category front axle: Weight category front axle weight range 4
TH1   Base engine: 6-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l unit 059.K
8T3   Cruise control system: Adaptive Cruise Control
VC0   Garage door opener: W/o remote-controlled garage door opener
G1G   Transmission specifications: 8-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
6Y2   Cruise control system and speed limiter: Cruise control speed limit system
5J1   Rear spoiler: Rear spoiler
6NQ   Molding roof liner: Standard molded headlining
3NW   Rear seats: Rear seat bench/backrest, split folding with center armrest
9AD   Heating and air conditioning system: Climatronic, free of cfc
8EX   Headlamps: LED headlights
9MB   Interior lighting: Interior lighting dim-capable
U5A   Instrument clusters: Instrument insert, km/h speedometer
4N8   Dashboard: Dashboard with genuine leather
4L6   Breakaway interior rearview mirror: Breakaway interior rear view mirror, automatically dimming
K4H   Body style: Closed body
0M1   Fuel tank capacity: Fuel tank
QA0   Child seats: Without child seat
0Y2   Climatic zones: Tropical zones
QR3   Compass/road sign display: With compass
4D3   Seat ventilation/massage seat: Seat ventilation, front
3J4   Head restraints: Headrests for front seats
0F5   Fuel systems: Fuel system for diesel engine
6P2   Rear license plate carrier: Rear license plate carrier (NAR)
6W1   Front license plate carrier: Front license plate carrier (large)
3GA   Rear luggage/load compartment floor: Without cargo area
L0L   Steering system arrangement: Left-hand drive vehicle
1N3   Steering: Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
8G2   Light control systems: Sliding headlight range control
2ZM   Steering wheels: Leather multi-function steering wheel
9VL   Speaker installation: Sound package "2"
2C4   Steering column systems: Axially and vertically adjustable steering column with memory system
1L0   Air cleaner (engine): Standard air cleaner
8Q3   Headlight range control: Automatic headlight-range adjustment dynamic (self-adjusting while driving)
9Q1   Multi-function display/trip computer: Multi-function display/on-board computer
3D8   Center console: Center console
IY2   Model year period: Model year period 2
D50   Engine specifications: 6-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 3.0 l/176 kW 24V V6 TDI, common rail Base engine is T41/TE1/TF1/TH1
7T1   Navigation device: Off-road navigation w/ course calculator degree of longitude a. latitude indicat.
8WH   Front fog lamp/additional headlamp: Front fog lamp and cornering lamp
FZ0   N.N.N.: Standard N.N.N.
GP1   Upgrading measures: Vehicles with special upgrade measures
1NP   Wheel covers: Wheel center cover
CP5   Wheels: Alloy wheels 9J x 20
VR0   Impact protection measures: Without impact protection measures
8DQ   Radios: Radio "PCM "(NAR)
9JA   Smoker's/non-smoker's package: Non-smoking package
UX6   Tire inflation: Type-1 valve (tire inflation)
7K3   Direct tire pressure monitoring system: Tire pressure control, frequency 433 MHz high level version
HQ4   Tires: All-weather tires 275/45 R20 110V x1
1G1   Spare wheel/breakdown kit: Space-saving spare wheel
4QR   Restraint systems, front: 3-point seat belts front, with tensioner and height adjustment, US label
0E1   Wheelbases: Short wheelbase
0FH   Manufacturing sequence differentiation: Osnabrueck manufacturing sequence
0KA   Sticker (customized or special edition): Without stickers and badges
0RZ   Ignition/starter switch locking system: Without ignition/starter switch locking system, without steering lock
0TD   Floor mats: Front and rear floor mats
0UA   Special color trim: Without special color trim
0VA   Owner's manuals: Without information kit
1AT   Brake systems: Electronic stabilization program (ESP)
1EX   Identification plates: Special identification plate for EC for M1 passenger vehicle
1T3   First aid kit / warning triangle: First aid kit with warning triangle
1Z7   Fuel quantity for initial filling: Increase in initial standard fuel filling
2P2   Loading edge protection: Trunk sill protection in stainless steel
2WA   Additional tires (snow tires): Without additional tires
3FE   Roof insert/convertible top: Electric slide/tilt sunroof with sun screen/sunblind
3M0   Special registration measures: Without special measures
3W8   Interior noise suppression measures: Acoustics package for diesel
4H3   Child safety lock: Manual child lock
4W0   Cassette and CD storage unit: Without cassette and CD storage unit
51A   Adhesive film: Without adhesive film
5K0   Paint preservative/transit coating: Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
6FG   Components with special surface appearance: Exterior mirror housings painted
6JD   Door handles/inlays: Body-colored door handles
6KA   Radiator grille: Radiator grille
73A   Charging cable with industrial connector: Without charging cable (industrial connector)
7G0   Vehicle tracing system: Without preparation for VTS (vehicle tracking system)
7KI   Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components: Vehicle class differentiation 9I0
8Z6   Engine cooling system: Hot country
9NX   Tachograph/logbook: Without electronic logbook
A8B   Equipment levels: Basic equipment
A92   Control of driver information system (FIS): Type 2
B34   Type approval countries/countries with special requirements: Legal requirements USA
C00   General operating permit, alterations: Operating permit, initial registration
EA0   Follow-on warranty: Without subsequent warranty
EH0   Length of charging cable: Without charging cable
ES0   Vehicle inlet: Without vehicle inlet
EV0   Charging cable: Without charging cable
F0A   Vehicle specifications: No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
FC0   Customized installation: Without customized installation
FE0   Country codes: Without country code (no DVD player in vehicle)
GM0   Electronic engine sound measures: Without outside sound measures
KB0   Battery chargers: Without battery charger
NG0   Top carrier: Without top carrier
NJ0   Charging dock: Without charging dock
QE0   Storage compartment package: Without tray areas package/box
S3E   Control number (no PR family): Control of standard production vehicles of PORSCHE AG
S9K   Control number (no PR family): Subsequent modification
SM5   Control number (no PR family): Fuel market B
UN1   Internet: Internet
UP9   Clocks: Without clock
V0A   Tire suppliers: Tires w/o specification of tire brand
4X4   Side airbag: Side air bag, front and rear with curtain air bag
6Q2   Gearshift knob/handle: Leather gearshift knob/handle
0SC   Special labels/plates: Labels/plates in English
8SA   Rear combination lamps: Taillight assemblies, standard design
4E7   Lock operation for tailgate/trunk lid: Trunk lid power closing
9P7   Seat belt check: Seat belt reminder, optical and acoustic electric contact in buckle
3ZD   Outer rear seat belts: 3-point seat belts, outer rear with US label
N0Q   Seat trim covers: Leather seat covering
KE0   Fuse box (for industrial engine only): Without fuse box
3PN   Seat adjustment: Electric seat adjustment for both front seats with memory system
4A4   Seat heater: Seat heater for front and rear seats separately controlled
2X2   Tiptronic operation on steering column/steering wheel: Tiptronic operation on steering wheel
8F2   Side lights: Side turn signal lights
7L7   Start-stop system/regenerative braking: Regenerative braking with 12.5 V
8Y1   Horns: Two-tone horn
5XH   Sun visors: Sun visors with mirror, illuminated
QH0   Audio-response system/voice control: Without voice control
7Y1   Lane change assist/lane keeping system: Side Assist
4KF   Side and rear windows: Side windows in heat-insulating glass, from B-pillar and rear window dark tinted
3Y7   Roll-up sun screen for rear and side windows: Roll-up sun screen
7B6   Socket: 12-volt socket(s)
2JB   Bumpers: Standard bumpers
0AB   Front stabilizer: Front stabilizer
8X1   Headlamp washer system: Headlight washer system
0NB   Nameplate set: Nameplate set in base trim
2W0   Fuel filler cap/door, locking option: Fuel filler cap
4F6   Door and lid locking system: Central locking system "Keyless Entry" without deadlock (NAR)
5D8   Carrier frequency for radio remote control: Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz
3CA   Partition: Without partition
3LH   Door and side trim panels: Door and side trim panel
QV0   TV reception/digital radio reception: W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
1SA   Front underbody guard: Without additional front underbody guard
Q2J   Front seats: Comfort front seats
9W5   Telephone / telematics: Car phone preparation
9TF   Additional warning lights: Entry and exit comfort lighting
QG1   Service interval prolongation: Service interval prolongation
7E6   Heat accumulator system/auxiliary heater: Electric auxiliary air heater
4GC   Windshield glass type: Windshield in heat-insulating glass with sunshield
6EA   Additional body covers, side: Without additional side body covers (stone guard)
3B4   Additional child seat anchors: Child seat anchor for child seat system ISOFIX
9M0   Auxiliary heater: Without auxiliary/parking heater
GY1   Power latching for tailgate: Power latching for tailgate

 : 22 Апреля 2018, 16:33:50 
Автор - Последний ответ от elia
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Не проходит - по нормам 49 штатов

 : 22 Апреля 2018, 15:54:16 
Автор Сергей - Последний ответ от elia
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Нет никакой информации по данному автомобилю

 : 22 Апреля 2018, 15:45:48 
Автор - Последний ответ от elia
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Добрый день.

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Автор - Последний ответ от elia
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